Project Monitoring Quality Assurance

Mitigate risk in your IT project with Infinity's IT Project Monitor Quality Assurance service.

WHEN is a Project Manager not enough?

Anytime you’re undertaking a significant technology project.

The State of New York and other governments now mandate independent IT Project Monitoring Quality Assurance on all high value IT contracts. Increasingly, private sector CIOs engage qualified Project Monitors to mitigate risk, reduce costs, minimize business disruption and prevent project delays.

Infinity Systems Software has both the PMQA expertise and the demonstrated experience to ensure the successful completion of your IT project.

Infinity’s PMQA Specialists will:

  • Assess, monitor, report and manage risks and their potential impact on your project, recommending and implementing remedial action.
  • Identify and remediate unforeseen issues before they negatively impact your project and your business.
  • Serve as a liaison between technical resources and upper management.
  • Ensure that the full benefits of your IT project are attained by both your delivery organization and your business.

As the PMQA overseeing a $100 million IT project for a major city’s Department of Finance, Infinity Systems Software saved 18 hours in mission-critical system downtime and prevented an extended disruption of services. Infinity’s team of PQMA Specialists identified the risk, ran benchmark assessments, and worked with IBM’s labs to reduce downtime to half, well within the client’s threshold. Read more about this success story.

Infinity Systems Software would be happy to discuss your IT project of any size to determine if and how our Project Monitor Quality Assurance can help you minimize risk and manage your investment. Please contact us.

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