Article – Mainframe + Cloud Strategy Drives Business Value

-Mainframe + Cloud Strategy Drives Business Value-

Excerpt: “The most relevant enterprises move good ideas to market faster than their competitors—and 96 percent of those new business initiatives involve the mainframe, according to Forrester. Ironically, many choose to leave the mainframe siloed in slow processes or attempt risky “rip, rewrite and replace” application migrations. When enterprises neglect their mainframe, it only serves to damage their digital transformation efforts. The mainframe is a platform that enterprises can count on, especially when it’s strengthened with Agile and DevOps culture, processes and tools. What enterprises should be wary of is the complex, costly hairball of x86 infrastructure in their data centers. Rather than struggle with a hybrid server-cloud IT environment that leaves the mainframe siloed, companies should leverage: 1) mainframe computers for mission-critical work, and 2) XaaS resources from cloud providers for commodity services under the same Agile and DevOps processes. We call it “Two-Platform IT” for short. Here’s an example environment…”

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