Replay of July 20th Vicom Infinity Teleconference Lunch ‘n Learn – Protection Begins with Data at the Center and Encrypting it ALL with z Systems Pervasive Encryption


Protection Begins with Data at the Center and Encrypting it ALL with z Systems Pervasive Encryption


Speaker Bio

Michael Jordan IBM Distinguished Engineer – IBM z Systems Security


Presentation Abstract:

The world is built upon an intrinsic trust that we, as clients and consumers, have in the businesses we deal with; trust that our banks will always maintain accurate balances and transaction data on our accounts; trust that our insurance company will be able to find their policy records when needed; trust that the airline will have our check-in information months after the reservation was made. Can you imagine what it would be like without this trust?


Though the financial impact of a data breach is daunting at an average of $4M per event, cyberattacks threaten to undermine this fundamental principle. Strong walls and perimeter defenses are no longer adequate to shield organizations from attack, and with industries and governments trying to ensure this trust is maintained, regulations are becoming more complex, costly, and time consuming.


In this session, Michael will explore the critical role of pervasive encryption within the digital enterprise, and learn how pervasive encryption on IBM z Systems can help protect an organization’s data, without the need for costly application changes.

Pdf: Pervasive Encryption – Technical Vicom Infinity v2.4





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