Mainframe Cloud; A Case Study


“Nothing has been more discussed in the IT world over the last few years than “the cloud.” And, as you have read many times on this Website, IBM has been a big advocate of the cloud, as have most all major IT vendors. But, for many large enterprises, the idea of moving large chunks of their IT business to the cloud seemed a little scary. Most were were following its progress and have been happy to let other companies try it first so they could gauge its success. Well, one company jumped in with both feet after some arm twisting and help from IBM—that company is Chubb. Chubb is a forward leaning insurance company that is always looking to gain an edge over its competitors. I recently read an interesting article about this very topic on the Enterprise Cloud News Website. It was written by Mitch Wagner and the title is, Mainframe Cloud? That’s Nuts! I have taken the liberty of re-posting it here.

Mainframe Cloud? That’s Nuts! 

By Mitch Wagner

Mainframe cloud sounds like a ridiculous idea, like a rotary dial on an iPhone or a self-driving Model T Ford. But IBM says a mainframe cloud makes sense.”

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